International Conclave on Climate Change

International Conclave on Climate Change 2011

Climate change now has become one of the most crucial environmental challenges after 21 st century. It is the main environmental problem facing humanity. “Climate” refers to the average weather experienced over a long period, typically 30 years and this includes temperature, wind and rainfall patterns. Climate change is a gradual process that happens over decades. It is the cause of the multiplication of extreme weather events, such as drought, floods, heat and cold waves etc. Its consequences are aggravated desertification and erosion processes as well as irreversible changes in ecosystems and loss of bio-diversity.

Vulnerability to climate change also has a strong linkage with poverty and has the potential to create multiple stresses over the stresses that already exist. It poses a major threat to the achievement of the MDGs and thus development, planning and financing strategies in the country need to consider the risks associated with climate change. India has wiblessed economic losses and developmental setbacks on account of natural disasters and hazards. Nearly 60% of the country’s landmass is susceptible to earthquakes, over 8% is prone to floods, nearly 76% of its coastline is prone to cyclones, and 68% of its area is prone to droughts, In addition to the above, increasing threats of GLOFs (glacial lake outburst floods), heatwaves, precipitation extremes due to the changing climate, pose risks to vulnerably located populations in India, and efforts haveto be made to manage these risks as well.

India in order to attain its developmental goals needs to grow at a fast pace for which energy remains an integral input. India’s reliable an coal for more than half of its power capacity is an issue of great concern for energy security. keeping in this view, India is seeking alternative renewable energy sources to meet the projected economic growth rate since these would be non-exhaustible as well as free.

India sees value in the ‘Green Economy’ approach and does recognize the potential of some of the aspects of developments being covered under the umbrella of ‘green economy’. Moreover, while ,Green Economy is an important emerging paradigm, it should supplement rather than supplant ‘Sustainable Development’. The underlying differences in the economies of the developed and developing countries have been captured in the principle of Common But Differentiated Responsibilities and Respective Capabilities-which is an important foundation of international cooperation on global challenges. Green Economy must also reinforce the interdependence between the economics, social and environmental pillars of sustainable development.

Centre of Climate Change, Engineering Staff College of India (ESCI) aims to promulgate “Green Economy” thus organizing this International Conclave and Exhibition on Climate Change, 12-14 October 2011 at Hyderabad, AP, India.


ICCC aims to bring policy makers, top government official, decision makers and industries on same platform for discussions on issue relating to policy designing for National action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC) and implementations. Towards this, SPECIAL EVENTS for the ministries involved in the NAPCC, in from of Round Table shall be organized.

Special Events as Round Table shall support the Ministries in dissemination of information on new policies and increase awareness about role of business community in implementation of NAPCC. SPECIAL EVENTS will help in identifying gaps in new policies, if any, and plugging them effectively. This conclave shall also help in having an open and transparent discussion with corporate / industries to have first hand information about impact of industries on climate change, current climate change scenario and their role in policies under NAPCC. Special Event shall be of great help in “Policy Outreach” for new policies formulated under NAPCC.


ESCI is an autonomous organ of The Institution of Engineers (India). It is the country’s premier professional organization, imparting continuing education for engineers and managers in the Engineering profession. It has completed three decades in service to the nation and provides consultancy services to the industry and government agencies.

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